Wedding [D1.シンガポール]

   Yesterday 29 Apr 2011 ... The United Kingdom of Great Britain  had "The Royal Wedding". Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton got married.


  Tonight, the princess in our company also had the wedding. So I went with my wife and her sister who just come to Singapore today.


  She was so beautiful and looked happiest. She is just three years elder than my daughter. I do understand her fathers' mixed feeling.

  "One's life for sharing"

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Training result - Apr 2011 [A1.ランニング]

  April was the active month for my training. It was rather easy to do the continuous training because the training menu diversified because of the triathron.

 Training days;17  Run;36km Swim;12km(12x4=48km) Bike;101km (101x0.4=40km) Total;124km

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Bike Training [A2.トライアスロン(自転車・スイム)]


  We have three days holiday in this weekend. So I can do more trainning. Last night, I did 1 km swimming training with my collegue in my pool. Then again I got up at 4 am this morning and started bike training with two collegues to ride on the same route as last weekend.

  Beggining was so smooth. There were not much car, so that we could maintain at 20km/h speed. Do you know this is just top olympic marathon runners' speed !  After realizing this, I kept this image as I was running and enjoyed the feeling of the top athelete , which I could never experience.

  After 25km ride, it started to rain. maybe shower. We evacuated time to time at the bus stop because it was really heavy rain. However it didn't stop at all. Yes, it was not a shower but just " heavy rain ".

  So we couldn't help continuing our ride back to home. The dump trucks beside us threw the rain water of the puddles over our heads. We were wet through and became like swimmers. So it means that we could do the swimming training at the same time, couldn't we ? - of cource not...

 Anyway we were back to home at 10 am. Oh, it took five hours to complete 42km !.

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Swimming Training [A2.トライアスロン(自転車・スイム)]

  Today I have had 2 swimming sessions as a part of my triathron training. The first one was done in the morning - 1.5km.

  You may ask yourself why I did it twice. After my first disappoint session , I need the extra help. For that , I turned to my wife. She was actually a good swimmer in youth.

  Getting her to help me almost turned into mission impossible. I had to use all my negotiating skill to get her to swim with me. It was worth it! After some useful tips from her, my swimming technique is improving.

  Another benefit might be that we spend more time together. Here is hoping.

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Mr. Norio Ohga [D1.政治・経済・社会]







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Sentosa Swim&Running Training [A2.トライアスロン(自転車・スイム)]


   Yesterday my friends told me OSIM triathron had swimming entry qualification test . They told me that the required time to swim 1.5km was 45mins. This depressed me greatly because my target for this race was just to compete and complete. I was hoping to do the swimming stage in around an hour.

  So you can see why I was checking the rule on the internet last night. Luckily the qualification time was 55 mins, not 45mins.  That is encouraging because I think that with a lot of swimming practice I should be able to acheive that time.  Of cource there is the added challenge of swimming in the sea, which takes more time.

 So I turned to a professional swimmer- one of my team colleagues- to help. We went to Sentosa beach with another friend.

 According to him, I mustn't "nod" while swimming. My back, neck and head should remain in a straight line thoughout and keep time to end up my stroke . I will stick with the breathstroke style.I also have to strengthen my triceps.

  After that, we swam 1.3km and ran 8km on the uphill for 3.5 hours.

 Anyway,Thursday - 5.6km Running race, Friday - 3.5hours (49km) bike training and Today - Sentosa open water training 1.3km & 8km uphill run.


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スーちゃん死去 [Others]







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RUN x 10 [A1.ランニング]





 My web Jog community has initiated the Japan relief chality, which is RUN x 10 (donate 10 yen per km which you run). Good initiative, I have joined.I will run for Japan.

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Bike Training [A2.トライアスロン(自転車・スイム)]


  I have not done a single ride on my bike in Singapore since arriving here two years ago. I think it is rather dangerous to cycle on the roads full of cars, because drivers here are not used to us. My bike became a kind of dusty "Object d'arts" in the bedroom, my wife trying to get rid of it!

 However, since I have decided to participate in the OSIM Singapore Triathron, I must practice bike riding. My friends are kindly supporting my training.

So, for my first outing, I had to get up at 4am and start an hour later! Yes, the bike training in Singapore should be done very early in the morning, lah. Five of us started in a very dark morning. It felt like nighttime.

 One of my friends who does Ironman triathrons lead us towards the west.  Surprisingly, I found it very enjoyable. No cars, the air was cool, great feeling. We did around 30km ride to the west (don't know where exactly), then back home.  One the way back, a colleague's tire had a puncture. Luckily, I had a reparing kit.

Wow! A total of 59km taking 3.5hours. Not bad for my first ride in years. Sitting down however might be a bit uncomfortable tomorrow!

 Tomorrow, open water training and run at Sentosa,,. What am I doing at the age of 53 ??


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J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge [A1.ランニング]



  We called running freaks in the company and participated in "J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge (This race will be held in 13 cities all over the world)" for the first time. And this is team (4 person each) competition of 5.6km. 13,000 people and 400 companies participated.


  When we started at 18:00, the road was jammed with a full of runners and some of them were walking!?. It was so difficult to run at my own pace. I had to claw my way through the crowd. could manage my own pace after 2km onwards, but after 3km, getting tired . couldn't pace up,,. Yes, I have not trained for short distance,,.  Yeah, very hard,,. ended up just under 40mins, my target was under 30mins though,,(don't know the time exactly, I misoperated my GPS watch,,).

 After checking the official web, it was 31:15. uhmm, so so.


  Anyway, good experience,,. I will train more for the next year.


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Tron [B2.映画]

トロン:レガシー DVD+ブルーレイ・セット [Blu-ray]

トロン:レガシー DVD+ブルーレイ・セット [Blu-ray]

  • 出版社/メーカー: ウォルト・ディズニー・ジャパン株式会社
  • メディア: Blu-ray

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Taipei [B1.旅行・出張]

2011-04-20 11.45.49.jpg2011-04-20 13.56.33.jpg

  It was a cool and nice weather in Taipei.

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Gulliver's Travels [B2.映画]


  famous story,,. similar to "Jin"?


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Jin 仁 [B2.映画]

 If you did timeslip and were back to the 150 years past, what would you do? This is the TV drama,which has this kind of story. A yound doctor -called "Jin", is a leading character. He silps back to the end of Edo era (Samurai-time) . He meets the famous histroical heroes and is involved in the transformation time from Samurai world to the modern world.

 He hesitates in changing the history by himself,because he can do a very innovative medical treatment such as producing "penicilin" etc. He tries to find the meaning and struggles to understand how to live in Samurai era.

 Of cource, this story stimulates us how should we understand the meaning of life. If you have the incredible power,how are you going to use this for your life?

  I didn't know this, which was very popular in Japan last year. You can watch in Chinese and Korean subtitels. I have compeleted to watch all of the episodes from last night.

  And this phrase is repeated in this drama.

 "God will give you only the challenge which you can overcome."

  The book called "Replay" is my favorite one , which has a similar story. check it up.

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Golf [A3.ゴルフ]

  1ヶ月ぶりのゴルフでした。 スコアは相変わらずですが、ショットは大分上達しましたね。やっとOffical Handycapがもらえるようになって、27.6だそうです。

Sentosa Serapong 110 P40 F5(36%,P1),B5(4),I50


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General Assembly [C3.プレゼンテーション・ボイトレ (話す)]

 We held the half yearly general assembly today. We made a lot of new approach to make this interesting such as VIP video message and panel discussion etc.

 It was so successful. but how should we do next time,,,.


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CEO roundtable [人事3-人材育成・グローバル人材・評価]

 I was invited to the CEO roundtable discussion which is organized by Human Capital leadership Institute (HCLI) today. This is 4th annual conference and 9 CEOs and 2 professors were invited and discussed -theme " Accelerating Talent Development for Global Asia.

 My point is as follows;

In Asia, the economy has developed rapidly from the mid 1980s, A lot of countries in Asia have changed from the places of production to strong consumer markets.  Various consumer sales channels have been established like department stores, mass merchant supermarkets and so on.  These channels have contributed to the change of lifestyle and consumer behavior in these countries.

 During the 1990s, “Generation X” emerged and started joining companies. They experienced their countries’ development and skill development working in these companies.    Generation Y is now entering the workforce and making an impact.  Here come the kids of the 80’s that have grown up with the internet and Simon Cowell on TV...  The Asian Generation Y has notable characteristics comparing to Western countries because it was more economically developed in their time than the previous generation. This generation is rather keen on environmental issues and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). They value “Work Life Balance”.  So “Work hard for your future” has little meaning for them.   

This generation is not only our potential customer but also an important and necessary source of talent for our future success.  We need their diversified ideas in our complex business circumstances.  So how do we nurture these talents?  We feel that the best way is still OJT (On the Job Training) to give real experience with meaningful roles and challenges that develop skills to drive the business.  The important point to remember is that OJT will only work well when we use the right roles.  It wasn’t a problem to supply these development positions for those young talents during times when the country or company was growing rapidly.  These young talents developed quickly to management positions in the early stages of their career.

 Now it is challenging for Generation Y to be trained in the same way as Generation X because the sense of value and the development stage of the country and company is different.   

Our overseas’ assignments are highly competitive globally so that we can recruit and develop global talent as well as local talent.  Our current challenge is how to identify and rotate these globally potential talents.   Needless to say, no company will attract these talents without a clear company mission and vision.  It is important that the mission and vision have to be well communicated.

Each year, we take ‘the engagement pulse’ of the organization through our “Global Employee Survey”, and use this in the KPI for all our managers to continue our focus on building up a strong organization.  A half yearly 360 degree “reflection survey” also helps managers understand where they can develop.  We can see from our global survey data that ES (Employment Satisfaction) has a positive correlation with CS (Customer Satisfaction). If our employees are not motivated and ‘showing up’ for work, then we see this also coming through in our customer satisfaction and brand equity scores – especially where we look at front line scores for ES.  In order to build a stronger organization to grow sustainably, we include not only financial KPI but also employee satisfaction, brand and customer equity into the KPI of our balanced score card.

 Taking the ‘new normal’ of an unpredictable business environment and different sense of values into consideration, a hybrid management and leadership style is required nowadays.  One aspect of this hybrid is the skill to operate business with a hands-on style, the other aspect is the skill to empower and motivate the staff to run the business.  Sometimes the former is called “management in the transformation time” and the latter is called “management in the normal time”.
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Death by Power Point [C3.プレゼンテーション・ボイトレ (話す)]

  After reading " Body Language" , I search this theme (body language at the presentation) in Youtube and found  the other interesting topics.

 That is the "Power Point". Yes we are making a lot of presentation by Power Point. Hoowever the people often make a very busy chart, which bothers to concentrate. We should think about how to reduce and simplify these useful chart if we use it properly.



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Body Language [C3.プレゼンテーション・ボイトレ (話す)]

Body Language: How to Read Others' Thoughts by Their Gestures (Overcoming common problems)

Body Language: How to Read Others' Thoughts by Their Gestures (Overcoming common problems)

  • 作者: Allan Pease
  • 出版社/メーカー: Sheldon Press
  • 発売日: 1992/11/19
  • メディア: ペーパーバック

 I got this book from my Englisg teacher. I didn't know these kind of things (maybe only arm blocking shows the "defence" meaning).

 It is really interesting. It includes a courtship behavior as well (I shoud know this when I was young) in the psychological manner.

 Maybe, it was not so necessary to understand the non-verbal behavior in Japan because of the homogeneousnes.

  Anyway, it can adapt into the presentaion skill, too.

【Synopsis】What people say is often very different from what they think or feel. Now, one can learn to read others' thoughts by their gestures. It sounds impossible but body language is easy to pick up, and can tell you if someone is lying, or how to choose a partner and make yourself likeable.

17books in 2011

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Coporate Athelete [A5.健康メンテナンス]

  We had the interesting training seminar called " Burn leadership program" including the physical training (boxing, sit up , push up and so on). We had one hour physical training at 7:00 and 16:00 during 2 days seminar in order to explain the importance of this physical training for the stress and work.

  I use muscle for running and golf ony. So there are some part of muscles which pain now.

  This principle is quite familiar with me.


 Coporate Athelete

 Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain  (Japanese)

 The Power of full engagement

 ●2001Jul (Japanese)

 ●Why do the executives train their muscles? (Japanese)

 ●The lack of Serotonin damages the brain (Japanese)

 ●Change your body when you become 40 years old. (Japanese)

 ●Immunity can revitalize your body (Japanese)

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One Page Talent Management (OPTM) [人事3-人材育成・グローバル人材・評価]

One Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value

One Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value

  • 作者: Marc Effron
  • 出版社/メーカー: Harvard Business School Pr
  • 発売日: 2010/05/18
  • メディア: ハードカバー
 This is very practical book for HR manager.
●Why is it that total transparency in finance is good business but the same doesn't apply on the people side.
●The 70-20-10 principle; 70% come from experience at work and in life, 20% come from others through observing,getting coaching,shadowing and so on, 10% come from classroom.
●Time-bomb communication;Withholding a managers' bonus until he completes every survey.
●Avoid self-assessment of 360° survey; people are wired to try to close the gaps between others' view of themselves and their self-view (control theory).
●The Employee-Customer-Profit Chain
●OPTM Engagement survey report; The company should design one page to show the least amount of information necessary for a manager to make the right decisions.
●Leadres are made, not born.
●Competitive advantage can occur when competencies are consistently demonstrated across the organization; Core competence of the corporation.
You miss the strength of the tree (core components) if you only look at its leaves (products).
●If you walk into a room where CEO, the CFO, and the head of talent management are talking business,you should not know which one is the talent management leader.
●New Talent Management Network
This title is a Revolutionary Approach to Talent Management. You know that winning in today's marketplace requires top quality talent. You also know what it takes to build that talent and you spend significant financial and human resources to make it happen. Yet somehow, your company's beautifully designed and well-benchmarked processes don't translate into the bottom-line talent depth you need. Why? Talent management experts Marc Effron and Miriam Ort argue that companies unwittingly add layers of complexity to their talent building models without evaluating whether those components add any value to the overall process. Consequently, simple processes like setting employee performance goals become multi-page, headache-inducing time-wasters that turn managers off to the whole process and fail to improve results. In this revolutionary book, Effron and Ort introduce One Page Talent Management (OPTM): a powerfully simple approach that significantly accelerates a company's ability to develop better leaders faster. The authors outline a straightforward, easy-to-use process for designing results-oriented OPTM processes: base every process on proven scientific research; eliminate complexity by including only those components that add real value to the process; and build transparency and accountability into every practice. Based on extensive research and the authors' hands-on corporate and consulting experience with companies including Avon Products, Bank of America, and Philips, "One Page Talent Management" shows how to: quickly identify high potential talent without complex assessments; increase the number of 'ready now' successors for key roles; generate 360 feedback that accelerates change in the most critical behaviors; significantly reduce the time required for managers to implement talent processes; and enforce accountability for growing talent through corporate culture, compensation, etc.

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トライアスロン [A2.トライアスロン(自転車・スイム)]

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OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2011 [A2.トライアスロン(自転車・スイム)]


  数年前から「今年こそTriathlonに挑戦しよう」と毎年の目標にいれていたのですが、結構ハードル高く勝手もわからなかったので、結局やりませんでした。シンガポールはいつも常夏なので、Triathlonは結構手軽にできます。シンガポールの同僚が教えてくれるということと初めてのやつも挑戦するということなので、今回思いきって挑戦することにして、今、登録しました。初心者はPoolと海でのテストもあるそうです。トレーニングメニューもありましたので、それにも申し込みました。種目は、Standard Distance Triathlon (1.5km S , 40km B , 10km R)です。Runは全く問題ないですね。Bikeも40kmくらいだったらお尻が痛いのだけ我慢すれば大丈夫でしょう。問題は、Swimですね。高校時代は水泳部だったのですが、全然泳いでいませんし、海は初めてです。家のコンドのPoolも娘達が来たとき1回しか泳いでいませんし、明日からちょっと泳いで感覚をつかまないといけません。カミさんは、「死んだら笑われるよ」と猛反対してますが、、でももう申し込んだもんね。

May14(Sat) Open Water Training Clinic 8-9:30 ECP

Jun18(Sat) Pool Test 8-14:00 Kallang Basin Swimming Complex

Jun25(Sat) Mini Triathlon Training Clinic 8-10:00 ECP

Jun26(Sun) Open Water Test 8-12:00 ECP E2

Jul31(Sun) OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2011 9:40


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